FEMALE MUSCLE: Where Feminism Has Failed Women

FEMALE MUSCLE: Where Feminism Has Failed Women By Bill Dobbins http://www.billdobbins.com The progress that women, primarily in western culture, have made since the latter half of the 19th century is amazing.  This is especially evident when you look at the status of women in parts of the world that have not gone through this evolutionary… Read More FEMALE MUSCLE: Where Feminism Has Failed Women


I’ve always loved photographs of great bodies shot against a background of some sort of dramatic landscape – mountains, desert, lave-strewn beaches.  Outdoor location images of Steve Reeves or Arnold Schwarzenegger.  High fashion photos shot in the Himalayas or Africa.  Edward Weston’s nudes at Oceano Dunes. For me, extraordinary bodies and landscapes go together.  I’d… Read More FIGURES IN THE LANDSCAPE


Supreme Court Justice Potter Steward once famously said that he couldn’t define  pornography but he knew it when he saw it.  What he didn’t realize is that pornography is not a “thing.”  It is somebody’s reaction to a thing.  A 1944 Betty Grable poster was sexy in its day, seems quaint now but would have… Read More WHAT IS ART?