In this digital, Internet age – where hundreds of thousands of pictures are uploaded every day – it becomes extremely important in marketing a product, service or career to use photographs that have impact and are memorable – that stick in the mind and become part of the viewer’s consciousness.  Repetition helps in achieving this, of course.  But continuing to confront viewers over and over with pictures they don’t respond well to can have the opposite effect of that which is desired.

Using photos that “look good” isn’t enough.  Think of the thousands of beautiful female models out there.  They all look good.  But how many of them are memorable?  How many create massive fan bases?  Back in the day, Hugh Hefner had a whole lineup of “girlfriends.”  Given all this publicity and exposure, how many went on to any kind of career?  Consider on the other hand famous beauties like Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson.  They have such widespread recognition that advertisers prefer them to traditional supermodels because they bring such a fan base with them.

An interviewer once mentioned to an ad exec that, of course, advertising agencies were not looking for “art” to drive sales.  He disagreed, pointing out that art was the best was to promote and publicize.  After all, who doesn’t know what the Mona Lisa looks like, or what an impressionist painting is.  The problem, he pointed out, was that true art – something that changes consciousness and the culture – is so hard to find.

Most photos simply can’t do what art does.  But there are images that make a difference, have an impact, attract attention and stick in the mind.  It is thosepictures that are needed to promote products, service or careers.  Anything else is just a waste of time, effort, money and opportunity.

Images from “The Body Photographer”

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