Beauty, it is said, is in the eye of the beholder.  But what is beautiful is a matter of opinion and there are various different kinds of beauty because there are lot of people with different opinions.  I see this as a photographer who has done a lot of work with the female athletic body – bodybuilders, fitness, figure and bikini competitors.  Some love this look, or some version of it.  Many don’t like it at all and prefer the BBW look, skinny fashion models or the traditional cheesecake T&A of round young models.

Then there are those whose preferences have escalated to the level of fetish – meaning some kind of sexual aspect of the body or presentation of the body that is absolutely necessary for the observer to be aroused.  A need, not just a want.

I’m fortunate as a photographer than I don’t have a type.   I enjoy creating images of the best examples of every kind of female body – big or small, huge breasts or tiny, athletic or waif, light skinned or dark, every ethnicity.   Not everything is beautiful but beauty comes in a surprisingly wide variety of forms.  Which gives me a lot of great subjects to create images of.

Bill Dobbins

Bill Dobbins Photography:

Bill Dobbins photo of 4 beautiful but edgy women, proving beauty comes in many forms.
Beautiful women come in all varieties of shape, size and appearance.


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