My photo studio is located in Los Angeles.  I have wonderful photo locations easily available including the beach, mountains and deserts not too many miles away.  This is why I encourage those who want the best possible photos to come to book photo session and come here to L.A.

I get asked a lot if I plan to be other places around the country, if I am going to be at various competitive events and if I will be available to do photos.  But even if I am traveling to other cities and attending various contests, in most cases the kind of photos I am able to shoot would not be of the quality that like about my work and which makes them what to do photo sessions with me.

Shooting in the studio involves total control over lighting, make up, props and styling.

With few exceptions, shooting in hotels or various places around a city does not provide the same picture possibilities available when I am working in Los Angeles.  There are mountain locations near Las Vegas that are incredibly beautiful and beaches near some Florida cities but few other areas provide the same kinds of possibilities.  Photographers often go to contests and shoot photos of competitors wherever they can but one reason people like my images is that I rarely do that.  There is simply no substitute for a well-equipped studio or a dramatic location.

Venice Beach is one of many lifestyle locations available in Los Angeles – Timea Majorova

If a magazine were footing the bills or cost were no object things would be somewhat different.  I could travel with lighting equipment and an assistant or rent a studio in a distant location.  I could pay for a permit to shoot at very interesting locations (Weider once rented Hoover Dam for a photo shoot – a very expensive proposition).  But in reality it is much easier and cheaper for photo models to simply fly to Los Angeles to do a photo session – or photo sessions.

Coming to Los Angeles to shoot simply involves an airline ticket, a hotel room and some food expenses.  Not only to you shoot the best quality photos but you get to spend time in L.A., which is a popular vacation spot for very good reasons.  The Southern California climate is especially inviting in winter when you are coming from a somewhere that snow and ice is what greets you when you go outside.

Joele Smith, RRC
This is a location you have seen often in movies – like The Big Country with Gregory Peck.

For anyone interested in coming to California to do photos with me, I am happy to help with travel advice and information. For example I can recommend hotels in various price ranges and at locations near the beach, the gym or great shopping areas.  And I can advise regarding where things are in Los Angeles and how to get around the city – where public transportation is not as available as in many cities.

I can offer studio photos sessions, trips out to great locations or both.  Location work is more expensive because so much time and travel is involved but considering the huge number of amazing photos you get the bang for the buck factor is very high.

Some types of photos are only possible shooting in the studio. Dayana Cadeau

In any event, I’m happy to discuss any or all of this and to help when it comes to planning and making arrangements.  I just want to point out that my photos have been in all the magazines for decades, have been published in two fine art books and exhibited in two museums and a number of art galleries. The reason is my pictures are different and people appreciate their quality.

The best way for me to achieve this quality is to do photo shoots where I have control over the light, such as in my studio or in dramatic and beautiful locations.  The easiest way to achieve this is for my photo models to come to work with me in Los Angles.

By the way, I can also shoot video – both in the studio and on location as well.  Word is that in a few years Facebook will be mostly video rather than still photos.  Here is an example:


If this is something you’d like to do please get in touch and let’s talk about it.

Bill Dobbins Female Physique Websites

Bill Dobbins Photography


Bill Dobbins and model large (1 of 1)
It’s GOOD to be the photographer.


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